APAC CEO of the Year Award 2024

Bornona Group CEO Shajid Ahmed Wins Prestigious APAC CEO Awards 2024

Romford, United Kingdom – May 29, 2024 – Bornona Group is thrilled to announce that its CEO, Shajid Ahmed, has been honored with the esteemed APAC CEO Awards 2024. This prestigious accolade recognizes Shajid Ahmed’s exceptional leadership, innovative vision, and significant contributions to the business landscape across the Asia-Pacific region.

Recognition for a Visionary Leader

Shajid Ahmed’s journey is a testament to his remarkable entrepreneurial spirit and strategic acumen. Starting his business career at the age of 14, Shajid has consistently demonstrated his ability to turn innovative ideas into successful ventures. As the CEO of Bornona Group, he oversees a diverse array of companies, including HostPico, Ovinobo IT Ltd, SparkX Digital Ltd., Onnorokom Gadgets, Themes Wala, dotsBucket, SaleTrax, and SparkX Ventures. Under his visionary leadership, these companies have flourished, setting new benchmarks in their respective industries.

Impactful Leadership and Innovation

Shajid Ahmed’s leadership style is characterized by his commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainable growth. His strategic initiatives have not only driven Bornona Group’s expansion but have also contributed to the economic development of Bangladesh. His efforts in fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship have inspired many and have positioned Bornona Group as a leader in the regional market.

Commenting on the Award

Upon receiving the APAC CEO Award, Shajid Ahmed said, “I am deeply honored to receive this prestigious award. It is a recognition of the hard work and dedication of the entire Bornona Group team. This accolade inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence. We remain committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients and making a positive impact on our community.”

About the APAC CEO Awards

The APAC CEO Awards celebrate the achievements of outstanding business leaders across the Asia-Pacific region who have demonstrated exemplary leadership, innovative thinking, and a commitment to excellence. The award highlights individuals who have made significant contributions to their industries and have driven positive change within their organizations and communities.

About Bornona Group

Bornona Group is a leading conglomerate headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With a diverse portfolio of companies spanning IT, digital marketing, media, design, and more, Bornona Group is dedicated to innovation, quality, and sustainability. Under the leadership of CEO Shajid Ahmed, the group continues to drive growth and deliver exceptional value to its clients and stakeholders.

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